So these two white trash porn stars are in the corner of the cafe I’m in and some fat Asian dude is buying them lunch, actually he already bought them lunch, and these...
by Greg Cayea
greg cayea


Aright so I’m goin to the Bourgeois Pig in a minute to meet my ex-girlfriend and even tho it was like eight years ago that we dated it still is nevertheless my...
by Greg Cayea
Jailbate Gypsy Scrambled gregs

Jailbait Gypsy

So I go to the bourgeois pig, that’s my spot, to write my book, or edit it, rather, for the fifth time so that I can finally fucking finish this shit that I’ve...
by Greg Cayea
Tinder part II image

Tinder, Part II

Okay… So remember that Asian chick I was talkin about?  In Tinder Part I?  The girl that showed up to my apartment looking way better than her pics lookin slutty as hell...
by Greg Cayea
malibu barbie scrambled gregs

Malibu Barbie

I’m here on the beach. There’s some chick. She’s lying down on her blanket with her black LA dodgers hat, with a black thong bikini bottom and no top and...
by Greg Cayea
Scrambled Gregs Cartoon Sexy Chick With Cig


Look I’m on Tinder. It’s a good pastime. I have striking conversations every now and then. I’ve only ever went out with one chick from it- wait. Two. I lied....
by Greg Cayea