I kept getting locked up.  But not for too long… wait.  What am I saying?  I spent two years locked up in Georgia.  Anyway- I’ve been to like a million small jails in a billion tiny towns and I’m probably the only drug dealer that NEVER went to jail for dealing drugs BUT DID go to jail for speeding.  Yeah… this is all in my book, but here… Indulge yourself for a moment and live in my life.  I’m willing to bet you can relate somewhere along the lines in these stories.


CHAPTER ZERO: Welcome To Hidden Lake Academy

We drove Northeast from the Atlanta airport and were now somewhere in the barren Appalachian Mountains. I sat in the front seat of a red pickup truck, crammed in between two scary hick private investigators with a gun rack and rifle mounted to the rear window. Country music twanged morosely on the truck radio. No one said a word. Nothing in sight except for an approaching archaic-looking board with splattered red paint that read FRESH PEACHES ONE MILE AHEAD. The small population of each rural town diminished as we headed further and further into the middle of nowhere. A sign [...]

October 20th, 2016|

Why I Never Married Lizzie Olsen

I had one more chance. It was final scene day, the last day of school at Atlantic Acting Conservatory. It was a full house and the heat was on. Lizzie performed a scene from Stop Kiss. I performed Zoo Story and was still in my nerdy J-Crew sweater I wore for the scene. The applause was immense. People left their seats. I knew this was it. The last shot. I had ducked her the whole semester. Do or die. I was 22. I walked up to her, finally. “Hey. I’m Greg.” “Hi, Lizzie” “I liked your scene.” I told her. [...]

September 3rd, 2015|