Here’s My Millennial Headline: How To Travel Like A MF Millionaire for $800  (The Secret is at the bottom) <— CLICKBAIT

The two things you need to be a world traveler (NOT a world-vacationer)

So it’s really pretty simple as long as you’re willing to leave home for at least two or three months.  I mean, I have no idea ‘how to cheaply vacation in Norway for a week’–That seems pretty impossible given the airfare…  But if you REALLY wanna understand how us nomads do this shit, it’s two ingredients:

  1. Have income on the road – I’m a freelance publicist, a freelance journalist, I’ve published one book, another on the way and sometimes I do freelance marketing for people.  All of those jobs require only one thing: a computer (and talent?)  But yeah, you can’t keep your 9-5 job and travel the world… That’s kinda, like, well–they’re the opposite of each other.  Make a decision.  The other ingredient needed is to
  2. Not be paying rent while you’re away.  I haven’t had my own apartment since I left Los Angeles for my Guinness World Record road trip.  That was two years ago.  But even if you do have a mortgage or rent… Just sublet it out.  There are plenty of ways to get your rent covered.

So how do you get started traveling the world?

Well here’s how I do it.  It’s easy. I save 70% of what I make for savings and taxes and live off 30% of my net income… And I’m not going to announce publicly how much I make–But I’m not rich… At all. Here’s my budget so far in Uruguay:


$400 for 2 weeks at a dumpy apartment I found on AirBnB in the Tres Cruces neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay. I work from my computer and didn't want to HAVE to shack up at a cafe all day to work... Plus I got papers and shit (my manuscript) that I wanna spread around for editing... Oh right, I also have no interest in staying at a bland hotel that caters to tourists.

PLUS the woman that I'm renting the apartment from is amazing...  She left me this welcome note and brochures (lol.. brochures? HERE?!) and left some cereal and fruit in the fridge for me and her neighbors are awesomely loud and have this dope dog and her entrance to the building looks scary until I realized it was super safe and I was just a pussy--her whole deal, I love it.


3 meals at $1500 URG dollars ($50 USD)- Yeah, I don't eat out a lot.  Some pastries in between these meals but most of what I eat is bought at a grocery store and cooked.


$1200 URG dollars ($40 USD) - This was enough food for one week and since Sofi and I were splitting the food--She paid for the other week.


$39 URG Dollars ($1 USD) per city bus ride. One taxi that Sofi bought for me when I met her at the bus terminal and the $67 URG dollars ($2 USD) to get to the bus terminal from the airport.


Walking around: FREE  -- Sitting at the park and drinking mate and laughing: FREE -- Walking to the beach and taking photos: FREE -- Going to this consciousness seminar thingy: LIKE TWO BUCKS


$0 I brought my own shit!


$250 URG dollars ($10) - And the woman running the joint was awesome, we talked for an hour or maybe like fifteen minutes and I told her all about my trip and she gave me a cultural lesson in how to do shit in Uruguay!


$300 URG dollars ($12) -- The way to avoid currency charges is to have a travel credit card that doesn't charge you a fee when out of the country.  I ONLY buy cash from an ATM... I don't purchase currency at a change-joint or whatever... It's usually cheaper to pay the 3% fee from the ATM using my US ATM card.




$25  This you only need if you're gonna be driving... Obviously.  But remember you need different licenses depending on which countries you're going to.


$80 in case I die, my family won't be stuck in debt 😉


I don't drink.


How to afford the plane fare:

Well I paid $500 for a one-way ticket from Newark, NJ to Montevideo, Uruguay.  I was willing to risk sitting in the middle seat for thirteen hours with two layovers, once in Fort Lauderdale, and another in Lima, Peru.  So that’s one thing that I did to keep the price low…

But I think the key to keeping that number low is taking your time.

That plane fare cost keeps diminishing in value the longer you travel.  It’s less of a capital expense and more of a monthly cost if you’re on the road three months– Then the price of the flight drops down to $165 per month, until you book your trip back–but you get the point.

If I spend one month between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, I spend roughly $800 bux.  But if I were to add on Santiago and Cuzco to the one-month trip, it would double my expenses… I would burn through my cash flow, so I take my time and wait till more money comes in, then move onto another city.

How to travel like a millionaire for $800 per month

And so at the beginning I said that I was gonna show you how to travel like a millionaire for $800… And you know what?  I DIDN’T EVEN SPEND THAT–INCLUDING THE AIRFARE!

So here’s how to do it

Say hi to everyone.  Money plays no part in conversation… And I think we all find our best days are the days when we laugh the most… Even if it’s a day when we fall on the concrete and laugh our way up or make a fool outa our shitty Spanish so that the entire room giggles–It’s all about laughter and if you can afford to laugh, you can afford to enjoy life as if you had a million dollars in the bank.

I often wonder to myself, what would I do if I DID have a million dollars in the bank?  Well… I’d probably fly first class forever but the rest of my life would be absolutely the same. I would strive to meet people I enjoyed to be around, and I would strive to sleep well at night next to someone I love.

No more, no less. There’s no secret here.  The secret is that we already have a million dollars, you just might not see it.

Anyway, I’m hoppin on a boat to go to Argentina soon, but I’ll share some fun stories about this weekend after it happens 😉

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