Ever run away from a boot camp at sixteen to follow the love of your life with no money other than 23 bux to get you to Providence and then realize once you get there that the love of your life is a hooker and you’re fucked?  Well… that’s what happened to me at least.  Little preview of my book.  Enjoy the stories of lust, deceit, romance, danger, drugs, violence and rocknfuckinroll.



Flower picked up. GREGGY!!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears. FLOWER!!!!  WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?  WHERE’D YOU GO?!?! I’m so sorry Greggy they made me leave and I went to Switzerland and then I ran away with Kiki and then we got tickets to come back here and I’m doin it Greggy, the whole Kerouac thing! I couldn't believe I had found her. she continued… Everything we talked about! I’m free Greggy! Come be with me, let’s be free! Where are you? I’m in a city called Providence and there’s all these— WAIT— She kept talking but here’s what I was [...]

December 10th, 2015|

UNEDITED: i woke up and this big black dude’s foot was in my face.

aright so here’s the story of how i woke up and this big black dude’s foot was in my face.  and like i said, this shit is utterly unedited and full of run-on sentences so if u can't handle that this'll be a tough read. anway they gave me this two day visitation back home to see my family at this bootcamp i had been locked up at for two years and when i got home my mom looked at me and said she called who? Flower, and she handed me this note. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, but [...]

November 2nd, 2015|

Runaway Teen Part III – The Girl With Dreadie Hair

READ PART I READ PART II The bus pulled onto a dark street at midnight, but Flower was NOWHERE to be seen. The Greyhound station was closed. I sat on a deserted street in downtown Providence.  No clue what to do. I had nowhere to sleep, I had no direction, I knew no one, I had no plan… but I was free, and that was all that mattered. I took out a note with Kiki’s number on it, it was the only thing other than my calling card and that 100 but I had in my pockets… I walked over to [...]

October 29th, 2015|

Little Room For Error – Runaway Teen Part II

I had to get 23 bucks for the bus ticket to providence I was tellin you about yesterday.  CUT TO Dinner table. Hey mom?  Marks wants to take me to Benihana tomorrow for a late lunch after he gets off work before my visitation is over.  Is it cool if I go with him? My mom and dad exchanged looks. That’s not in the contract. I haven’t seen him in like three years. More looks exchanged. Okay. Can I borrow like twenty-five bux?  To pay for my meal? More looks exchanged. Something was off. Did I blow my cover? Was [...]

October 29th, 2015|

Stealing Books

I was spare changing on Thayer street outside of the Brown University Bookstore and had the sudden urge to read Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. I stole a book from that store roughly... Hmmm... A couple times per week.  My backpack was full of books, fine literature I might add.  That was all I owned, other than some candles, hacky sacks, an Indian blanket, and some incense, all of which I also stole from the same hippie tarot card shop across the street. The Brown Bookstore was full of surveillance camera blind spots and I had them all [...]

October 23rd, 2015|

I Met This Ivy League Chick When I Was Homeless

So i’m a homeless sixteen year-old runaway that had just escaped from Hidden Lake Academy and was now spare changing with my homegirl, Flower, on the streets of Providence Rhode Island when I looked up from my Indian-print blanket, which I was sitting on while burning incense and holding up signs like “need money for beer pot and hookers” and saw this dude named Mike.  He went to Brown University and I had met him on my first day homeless, about two months ago. Hey. I looked up. Where you been?  He asked me… Well, lotta places.  Some abandoned attic.  [...]

October 18th, 2015|

My Last Day As A Vegetarian.

it was 9/11i was somewhere in the middle of North Carolina. What's going on? DUDE! Slutto woke me up. DUDE! Huh? [southern accent] They just bombed th' twin towers er sum shit. What? He just said it !  Th' bus driver!  He just said it ah swear he did! Dude... you don't even know what the twin towers are.  They're like... the biggest buildings in the world.  LOUD SPEAKER. There was another plane. We were under attack. The driver confirmed it.   The bus pulled off the highway in a town called Fayateville, North Carolina. There were some fellow Greyhounders [...]

October 8th, 2015|

Squatting In An Abandoned Attic With Hookers, Junkies & Counterfeit Money

Squatting In An Abandoned Attic With Hookers, Junkies & Counterfeit Money The sun went down and Jon told me sometimes we sleep under the bridge, but tonight he had somewhere special. We went around to the back of an abandoned garage and crawled through a window with shards of glass sticking out all over. We climbed up a raggedy wooden latter, bent from water damage and cracked from old age. In the attic there was a blanket spread over loose cardboard, dusty insulation, splintery wood and rusty nails. An old bucket full of piss right next to it. There were [...]

September 8th, 2015|