About Greg Cayea

I have so many bios scattered all over this damn website, my beloved blog, that I'll just let you rummage around and find one cause i can't POSSIBLY do another rendition of simple ol' me.

Wait… Should I Take The Mussels?

So this chick starts off the conversation by telling me that some dude came on her hair at a nightclub 'at the speed of cum'. I didn't know what the fuck that meant So I met up with her anyway and asked her to wear some huge hoop earrings... cause I like that shit. Anyway I go to Long Beach.. in Long Island... not Cali, it's some beach town on the south shore... and I meet up with her and she shows up sexy as fuck with her tits hangin outa her romper with hoops down to her shoulders. We [...]

The Greatest PR Stunt In The World For A Self-Published Book or Blog

If you've got a self-published book or a travel blog you want to promote, here's a PR campaign that got me all over TV. As you may or may not know, my girlfriend and I went on the road for 122 days and 36,000 miles to break the world record for longest roadtrip in one country. We have been going on TV from Fox to Bravo, getting ourselves in magazines from Cosmopolitan to Travel + Leisure to Lonely Planet to Uproxx to Daily Mail... pretty much it's gone viral all over the internet by now... anyway as you may or [...]


5 PR HACKS So you can’t necessarily afford a PR campaign, but you’d like to get the ball rolling a bit faster than it currently is. If you’ve run out of ideas, good. I can help. It took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to get all this right, so you’re in luck. I hit the pavement hard enough for the both of us to learn what actually works. 1. HOW TO SECURE INTERVIEWS: Do Something Interesting As you may or may not know, my girlfriend and I went on the road for 122 days and 36,000 [...]

The RIGHT Way To Pitch YOUR Blog To A Blogger

I recently became friends with a dude named Tug… Tug runs a blog dedicated ONLY to undershirts, and he’s damn good at it (so if you’ve got an undershirt… he’s your guy). I was curious exactly what type of content he promotes and if he was even interested in receiving pitches from PR professionals… so I hit him up. Then he wrote a blog post about the email I sent him which was amazingly awesome. Check it out: The Right Way To Pitch A Blogger Anyway the point is, before you pitch ANYONE... just say hi. Don't you hate when [...]

CHAPTER ZERO: Welcome To Hidden Lake Academy

We drove Northeast from the Atlanta airport and were now somewhere in the barren Appalachian Mountains. I sat in the front seat of a red pickup truck, crammed in between two scary hick private investigators with a gun rack and rifle mounted to the rear window. Country music twanged morosely on the truck radio. No one said a word. Nothing in sight except for an approaching archaic-looking board with splattered red paint that read FRESH PEACHES ONE MILE AHEAD. The small population of each rural town diminished as we headed further and further into the middle of nowhere. A sign [...]

The Last Two Grand I Had.

I was twenty-two and had nothing but 2K my grandma had given me as a “loan” to get my life together. At the time I was producing plays for a living in NYC and had just lost 7K on my last show, "Tape" by Stephen Belber.  It was a massive blow and the 2K that my grandma 'loaned' me was not nearly enough to produce another play and get back on my feet… so I had no idea what to do. I had no high school, no college, I didn’t even have waiter experience at the time. All I knew [...]

CHAPTER ONE: Legendary Loser

It was the first day of middle school. The hallway crowded with hostile sixth graders, half from East Hills Elementary School, and the rest from Harbor Hill Elementary School. The two schools had always remained divided until today. For the first time, we were combined to attend the same junior high, and the separation between the two schools was similar to rivalry. There could be no other day as significant as today. Today would determine who was cool, and who was a loser for the rest of our lives. Whatever happened in elementary school didn’t matter. The canvas was [...]

Instagram Kills Cartoon, The Story

INSTAGRAM KILLS CARTOON STRIP Tina never played sports in school.  She was always the girly girl that went to softball practice just to gossip about boys.  She was only ten years old when she asked her mom if she could wear eyeshadow to school. All the girls are doing it mom. And so she showed up a bit prematurely provocative, but to no harm.  Everyone simply complimented her and moved on.  The boys gave her a slight bit more attention and her best friend Jessica possibly seemed a bit more distant than usual.  Doesn't matter, just a minor detail in [...]

We Tried To Find This Ghost Town By Area 51 But Then

We turn off on a deserted road in the middle of the desert of Nevada on highway 50, nicknamed the loneliest highway in the world.  A highway nobody has ever even heard of... A highway that our GPS barely picks up. We see a blue paint chipped sign that points to "Ravenswood" It's a ghost town we researched online but thought it might not exist but then saw this century-old sign. So we turn onto the road excited for the adventure and start live streaming. This'll be fun!  We thought... Let's bring everyone with us! So we are live streaming [...]

DAY 17: French Hippies

So these two hippies were sleeping outside their car near Vancouver But why the hell were they in Washington with a car that had Missouri plates? When we parked at the rest stop in Burlington, Washington, they pulled up next to us and got outta the car and they both had dreadlocks and they laid down a tarp on the grass and the hippie French couple went to bed while their dog stayed in the car and kept honkin the horn by accident in the shitty car they were driving. But how'd I know they were French? Easy!  When Heather [...]